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The Guardian Angel: Epilogue
Yugi’s hands shook as he stepped off the stage. He forced his legs to walk steady but they wobbled in a sprint down the stairs. The noise of clapping hands arose in the crowd, some called his name, and some laughed. Yugi was not sure what was funny, in fact everything had blurred. The speech he had memorized weeks ago had flown out of his head once he had stepped feet on the stage. Yugi had always been terrified of public-speaking but he had agreed to the death sentence for Joey. After all it was his day of celebration, and Yugi had been honored as the Best Man. Who knew being a Best Man came with giving a speech.
Yugi went straight to the bar; he sat on a stool as he wiped his clammy hands on his black dress pants. The bartender quickly congratulated him on his speech and offered him a drink. Yugi just smiled, still dazed, and ordered a coke. He gazed out at the party; everyone was joyful, hugging each other, laughing, or dancing. He felt tranquility set in, finally there were n
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Mature content
The Guardian Angel: Ch. 10- The End :icondayo18:Dayo18 4 8
Mature content
The Guardian Angel: Ch. 9- The Angel :icondayo18:Dayo18 4 6
Mature content
The Guardian Angel: Ch. 8- Possessed :icondayo18:Dayo18 4 6
The Guardian Angel: Ch. 7- The Nightmare
Yugi awoke in a daze to the sound of his phone going off. Still half-asleep he ignored it feeling too drowsy to care, but then he felt the smoothness of her legs against his. Everything came back, he was not in his bed but in hers; he did not want to wake her. Yugi’s heavy eyelids opened as he sat up, trying to focus on the noise. Where was the phone? Then Yugi remembered it was still in his back pack. Yugi reached it just in time,
“Yugi? Its Atem,” Yugi stumbled out of the room, still groggy.
“What’s up?” Yugi closed the door behind him; he didn’t want Téa to hear.
“Where are you?” Atem’s voice became more urgent.
“I’m at-umm sleeping, why?” He caught himself before he spilled; the last thing he wanted was a fight through the phone.
“Hurry and get home! I think Joey’s cruise ship sank or blew up I don’ know! I heard the news and and..” Atem voice cra
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The Guardian Angel: Ch. 6- The Curse
Yugi could barely contain himself as he grabbed a pair of shorts and a muscle shirt. He quickly found his backpack and stashed the cloth inside. He was about to exit when he thought he should change, so he could look better. He grinned to himself as he took off the tie and unbuttoned his shirt.
“Yug, what da hell is goin’ on?” Joey stormed in with a worried face.
“Nothing, I’m going over to Téa’s.” Yugi threw the shirt. He examined his closet, not sure on what to wear.
“Umm right now?”
“Yup, don’t wait up; I will probably stay over there.”  Yugi picked out a checkered black, red, and white button up shirt. He fixed the collar and pulled the sleeves up to his elbows.
“No way?! Are ya finally gonna get laid Yug?” Joey chuckled mischievously. Yugi’s insides ran wild hearing the words. He slipped his black-punk belt over his grey skinny jeans.
“If I get lucky,” he smirked.
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Mature content
The Guardian Angel: Ch. 5- Invisible :icondayo18:Dayo18 4 3
The Guardian Angel: Ch.4- Reunion
Yugi's body reacted before his mind did and he was running straight towards the tan man with his arm ready to swing. All the anger that he imprisoned for three years came bursting out uncontrollably. There was no thought connected to his pale knuckles clashing against the smoothness of Atem's face. The man fell over instantly as the crimson blood spilled from his nose. Yugi was about to bring down another punch when he felt strong arms wrap around his body.
"What da hell Yug?!" Joey's roar was so loud even the nurses stopped and stared.
"Let go of me!! " Yugi struggled to escape from Joey's grip; his muscular body still in control.
"Stop it! Calm down!"
"Let me go!" Yugi felt his feet rise in the air and he realized Joey lifted him up. Yugi fought with all his anger to get loose; kicking, punching, and even crying. Yugi spotted a man in uniform running their way and that's when he caught a good look at the victim on the floor. The narrow aqua-green eyes stared at Yugi in disbelief. Yug
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A Raven
If my wings could spread
a few inches wider
I would cover your head
from the sky;
when it cries
blazes in heat.
I would sleep on your windowsill
to make sure nothing hindered your dreams.
I would fly around you
whenever you walk alone.
My body fusing with the night sky;
during the day my feathers would glisten with amethyst tints
and you would be reminded of who I use to be.
You would cry silently
I would watch
making sure
no tear went undetected.
If I were a raven
I would always be there flying
never really there.
:icondayo18:Dayo18 5 4
The Guardian Angel: Ch. 3- The Death
Time stopped for a minute, maybe more as Yugi's mind swirled out of control. What? How? When? He sat up before the pain in his head could stop him. His throat felt dry and raspy as he formed the words,
"What? Are they okay?" Joey's face was stern for what seemed like forever until he responded. His body reacted swiftly as he slipped his blue jeans on.
"Yug, do you have a shirt I can borrow? Ya threw up on mine last night." Yugi felt ashamed but quickly answered.
"Cause we gotta go now."
Yugi jumped off the sofa and ran to his room. The run up the stairs made him dizzy, but he regained his balance in the room. He searched through his closet looking for something that would fit Joey but gave up and grabbed an old red T-shirt. Yugi was about to exit when he realized his chest was bear too. He went back and put on a blue and white striped shirt. Joey was already half out the door by the time Yugi got down stairs. Yugi handed Joey the T-shirt and they were out of his trashed house i
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The Guardian Angel: Ch. 1- The Party
Yugi's eyelids kept sliding down as he watched Joey drive aimlessly. "Where are we going?" Yugi asked half asleep.
"Chill Yug, fate will let us know where to stop next," Joey replied grinning at the dozing off boy.
Boy was an understatement, because Yugi had changed over the years, not much, but he was more of a man now. He was still the same kind-hearted boy who found the millennium puzzle five years ago, but the years had changed everyone in a way. The gang was finally starting to enter the real world, where college exists, resumes matter, and most of the games had been forgotten.
"When did you start believing in fate?" Yugi asked more awake now.
"On your birthday I do because ya the father of destiny n' fate!" Joey said in a loud voice half laughing.
"Very funny but I'm fate and Atem was destiny, difference," Yugi smirked.
"There is no difference- "
"Yes there is and lets just drop it. It's my birthday, let me get my way." Yugi grinned. Joey looked over at Yugi.
"You're still mad at
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The Guardian Angel: Ch. 2- The Fight
Although Yugi was drunk and his mind was fuzzy hearing Atem's name in a sentence with those words, made the veins in his body pulse with anger. He was not sure why because Atem was one of his closest friends. Maybe it was the alcohol. Yugi withdrew from Téa and tried to steady himself because it seemed as if the room was spinning. He noticed Téa's wide eyes studying his unreadable face. Téa's facial features turned into a concerned frown as the words Yugi said sank in.
" feel the same way what do you mean?" She broke the silence with a whisper. Yugi wanted to stand and explain but he didn't think he could stand, instead he grasped onto the blankets on his queen sized bed.
"I like you Téa. I have liked you for a very long time." The words that he has always wanted to say came out in a slur. Yugi felt mortified. What he had hid for so long was revealed when he was drunk. Yugi tried to make out what she was thinking or what she would say but Téa just star
:icondayo18:Dayo18 4 10
Hitch Hiker
His body was lean and masculine.
His hair jet-black
stretching out to his chin.
His blank face was covered
in a pastel shade
patched with plum bruises.
His eyes a deep gray with
thick lashes as protection.  
His pale lips trembled in the moonlight.
I found him.
He chose me.
He was mine.
I would take him far from here
and ease his pain.
My hands warm his stone
met for the first time.
His life, his last moments, his love
flashed before my eyes.
His young legacy was cut short.
This stranger chose me to continue for him.
He had no one;
all his riches meant nothing now.
As his body diminished
his will took his place.
On the way back
I drove alone
with the pile of papers placed in the passenger seat.
I had all his money at my feet
yet tears escaped me
as I passed the hitch hikers car accident.
:icondayo18:Dayo18 5 0


Hinata's Feelings by osca-mayo-winna Hinata's Feelings :iconosca-mayo-winna:osca-mayo-winna 81 39 Vero by osca-mayo-winna Vero :iconosca-mayo-winna:osca-mayo-winna 2 0 Riku by CinnamonAesthetic Riku :iconcinnamonaesthetic:CinnamonAesthetic 718 47 Yu-Gi-Oh: Joey Wheeler and Mai Valentine by MakorraLove12 Yu-Gi-Oh: Joey Wheeler and Mai Valentine :iconmakorralove12:MakorraLove12 24 12 Aang - Avatar The Legend of Korra by TophWei Aang - Avatar The Legend of Korra :icontophwei:TophWei 375 40 Wheeler College  by MissDino13a Wheeler College :iconmissdino13a:MissDino13a 17 7 Duke Devlin Cosplay by MiyukiKurame Duke Devlin Cosplay :iconmiyukikurame:MiyukiKurame 106 72
Kaibaman 4: Kaibaman...a murderer?
It was another raining day in Domino City. The sky was all gray and heavy rain was falling from the sky. The lightning flashes were tearing the darkness for vague seconds before getting lost again so the thunder could follow loud and clear like a growl of the biggest and most hungry lion in the world. The harbor was empty and the waves were hitting the coast line mercilessly without caring weather a person was passing by or not. Ships were all dancing to the wild dance of nature. There, at the harbor warehouses…to warehouse number 8 to be exact, things were different. Sirens of the police car were heard in the darkness and their red and blue lights were giving color to the darkness. Outside two or three police officers were waiting for their superiors to come out.
"Damn…this weather is really awful…" one of them commented
"Yes…" the other one said.
Meanwhile inside the warehouse number 8 there was more life. Some police officers were moving around…in the middle of the warehouse…it was
:iconkaterinaaqu:katerinaaqu 9 30
Kaibaman 3: Ishizu Ishtar
The lights inside the great mansion were visible in the night from miles away. The big castle-like building seemed the oldest one in the entire city! It would be really impressive to live in it. The noise of the too many people getting in was also heard from outside. Limos were coming to leave well-dressed men and princess like-dressed women inside the castle-mansion for that celebration. No. It wasn't a special event or something. It was just another "cooperation meeting" as Maximillion Pegasus preferred to call it. Too much and far too show-off according to Seto Kaiba. He was in his limo wearing his suit, heading towards the mansion. Maximillion Pegasus himself invited him. He had many plans about the new games he was going to design and he seemed rather impressed by Kaiba Corporation's game systems. The limo stopped right in front of the Pegasus's mansion.
"Sir, we arrived"
Seto Kaiba took a fast glance with the corner of his eye.
"I can see that, you fool!" he mumbled with a bored
:iconkaterinaaqu:katerinaaqu 10 34
Korra by MagicnaAnavi Korra :iconmagicnaanavi:MagicnaAnavi 2,705 244 Joey and Mai by Manga-Maryam Joey and Mai :iconmanga-maryam:Manga-Maryam 121 25 Abyzou final by osca-mayo-winna Abyzou final :iconosca-mayo-winna:osca-mayo-winna 6 2 Joey's love by Inakunaru-Yagi Joey's love :iconinakunaru-yagi:Inakunaru-Yagi 133 35 Atemu, the Pharaoh by osca-mayo-winna Atemu, the Pharaoh :iconosca-mayo-winna:osca-mayo-winna 1 4 Asami Sato, Bad-ass Chick! by Kanamm Asami Sato, Bad-ass Chick! :iconkanamm:Kanamm 504 58 Mako by DT-Kitt3000 Mako :icondt-kitt3000:DT-Kitt3000 113 14




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